Friday, April 11, 2008

We know you can, but should you...

Ah, there's nothing like the virgin post of a new blog. No matter the subject and no matter the author, it's destined to be something that you look back on in time and chuckle to yourself at the naivety.

It doesn't take much effort to follow the flames of the latest hot Internet marketing topic. Whether it's something discussed at the countless Web 2.0 conferences popping up around the country or something you read on ReadWriteWeb, it lights that bulb above your head. The problem is that the Internet, and more specifically the Web, is growing at such an alarming rate that it is impossible for any Internet marketing department to implement every strategy. If you attempt to blog, and build videos for You Tube, and maintain a My Space presence, and create a group on Facebook, and Tweet about how useful your product is, and track your SEO campaigns, and do whatever else you read about, you'll soon find yourself more spread out than Bush's army. And you won't be any good at any of it. No, you need to select your targets and implement them fully. Web users are savvy, and detect a half-baked fraud when it's there. Internet marketing can be tremendously effective (and cheap!) but it can't be without time dedication and expertise.

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James Moore said...


I agree with you comment on the allocation of resources. I look forward to seeing what you view as the best ways to get a return on this investment.