Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't rip your blog of its soul

As blogging becomes more and more commonplace in the corporate world and on business web sites, we are seeing numerous different approaches to this popular communication strategy. Ultimtely, however, blogs fall into two major categories: Those with a soul and those without. Blogs can't just be information waterfalls. That's what features and articles are for. You have to communicate the information in an interesting and consistent way. The original blog model - a solitary author offering editoral comments on the world/industry/whatever - is still the best. Check out this real estate blog - too many authors. There's too much going on. Don't invite a host of authors to muddle the message. Don't keep it anonymous and thus denying the audience of a connection. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. Keep it interesting.

1 comment:

James Moore said...

Great advice! I can see your soul coming through here along with excellent observations. Well done!